Globex Telecom offers cheap VoIP calls

When I first looked at Globextelecom website, it came to me that I had seen it somewhere although I can’t remember where. So I looked it up in my blog, after check a few posts, I found that the structure of their website is quite similar to that of VoIP discount. So if you have read my other posts, you must be familiar with Globextelecom website, their VoIP software, features and instructions. Well this may save them some time and energy; I should say it’s not professional, although I do not know which of them set up the website first.

GlobexTelcom claimed to provide cheap calling around the world, but if you check out their rates, although it varies, but the rates are more or less the same with VoIP discount, while the latter provides free calling to US numbers and other 30 countries. Since they have the same products, price and after sales service make the differences. I am not a subscriber to them, so I did not know anything about their services.

However, if you make a comparison between them, and are interested in giving it a try, you can download their VoIP software here. It works on Windows, MAC and Linux, as to its mobile version, iPhone and Symbian cell phones are supported, if you have a Windows Mobile or Android cell phone, you have to wait.

All in all, if you love their price after comparisons, or just love it for whatever reason, why not give them a go?